Mixing your coins will gain you more privacy, by making it really hard to track them back to you.

Stay anonymous, no need to register or give us any personal information to use our service.

We charge dynamic fees, starting from 0.5% which cover all network fees, no other hidden fees.

We Support the whole community, that means we support most established altcoins.

State of the art mixing algorithm, we use effective techniques when fogifying your funds.

We are continuously improving our system to meet our users needs, we take users input seriously.

Choose your coin

How does it work ?


How much is your fee and why?

We charge dynamic fees starting from 0.5% and up to 1%, we check for your coin price every 5 minutes which allow us to charge fees on the estimate of your order amount in BTC. The minimum fee (0.5%) is for orders larger than 50 BTC, orders less than 10 BTC pay 1%, orders larger than 10 BTC and less or equal to 50 BTC have 0.75%.

Who covers network fees? is there any other fees ?

We mix your coins in multiple rounds which means that each time we pay network transaction fees, but don't worry we got that covered for you. There are no other hidden fees.

Do you need my identity or contact information?

No, we don't collect anything from you, privacy is the reason why we are offering this service, it is important for us that all your transactions stay private.

Do you keep any records?

Except the blockchain records, we do not record anything else.

I closed my browser before I received the mixed coins... what now ?

You can always copy the link to track your order, but do not worry if you didn't, everything happens on the clouds. However, if you don't get any transaction for more than 8 hours feel free to contact Support.

How long does the mixing process take?

The mixing process can be instant if mixed funds are available for delivery or can take to approximately two hours, Please contact support if you do not get your payment after 8 hours of waiting, we only need your order number, no personal information are needed, you can even put a fake email if you don't wish us to contact you back.

How many confirmations do you need to accept my transaction ?

We need only 1 network confirmation before we start mixing your coins.

what is the minimum mixing amount?

We DO NOT accept transactions less than 1 Litecoin, 1 Groestlcoin or 5000 Doge. Orders less than that are considered spam/donation and they will not be returned.

what is the maximum mixing amount?

Technically, you can mix any amount you want, but we recommend mixing in batches to get minimum taint.

Do I need to insert the amount I want to mix and what will happen if I send more or less than my initial order amount?

You don't need to enter the exact amount, you can put anything as long as it is greater than the minimum amount allowed, and we will mix your coins even if the order amount is great/less than the initial amount order.

The amount feature is there to help you calculate the exact output, for example you want to send 1 BTC exactly to someone so we tell you how much you need to send us exactly (including the fees) in order for the recipient too receive exactly 1 BTC

Can I trust you?

Yes, we are professionals with long years of experience in the blockchain technology and IT in general. Feel free to first try us with any amount you are comfortable with.